A Little Sneak Peak Of Some Version 5 Recipes ?


Here are some of the delicious, high-protein, sugar-free recipes coming your way! As with all previous versions, all recipes are easy to make and contain no weird or expensive ingredients (unlike other protein recipe books). You’re gonna love Buff Baking 5! Dropping Monday, March 28th 2022.

Protein Cinnamon Rolls ?

You’re gonna love these! Amazing cinnamon rolls that are packed with protein! 36g protein per 2 x rolls.

Protein Gummy Bears ?

Bet you didn’t think you could ever eat Gummy Bears that were pure protein! Well, now can you. No sugar. No carbs or fat – just pure protein gummies. And they taste great! And all you need is 3 x ingredients! 24g protein for a batch of gummies!

Protein Oreo Cookie Dough

If you love oreos, you’ll love this! Easy to make and 22.5 protein per serving. 

Protein Popsicles (Ice Lollies)

These are great for summertime! And they’ll only take you a few minutes to prepare. You can have popsicles that are high in protein! 34g protein for the batch!

“Hersey’s” 3-Calorie Thick Chocolate Sauce

Don’t be skeptical here – make this sauce! It’s so easy with just 4 x simple ingredients. And it tastes like real chocolate syrup/sauce. Low-calorie alternatives that you can buy in the store (like Walden Farms in the US, or Skinny Sauce in the UK) taste chemically and watery. This doesn’t! It tastes like the real deal…but has only 3 Calories per tablespoon!

Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

No bake. Easy to make. You’ll make 16 squares quickly and easily and it’ll be the best tasting item on your keto diet! 

Lean ‘n’ Creamy Rice Cakes

These really help get me shredded while not feeling hungry. There’s a lot of volume and protein for a low amount of Calories. 2 x cakes come in at just over 200 Calories with 35g protein. I’ve even doubled this for 4 x rice cakes for about 440 Calories and a whopping 70g protein! Make getting and staying shredded easy with these!

Buff Baking 5 drops Monday 28th March 2022