Feels Like a Cheat Meal

Feels Like a Cheat Meal


Buff Baking recipes are so tasty, it makes your muscle-fueling diet feel like a cheat meal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re bulking, cutting, male, female, low-carber or high-carber. There’s recipes in here for everyone.

There’s just no point in busting your butt in the gym day in day out if you’re not feeding your muscles what they need to grow! And now there’s a tastier way to do it.

It’s high-protein cook book like none other! How? Because most muscle recipe books are simply IMPRACTICAL. You don’t have all those weird ingredients…and you don’t have the time.

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So Easy!

So Easy!


Buff Baking keeps it simple. You’re not a chef, and I’m not either!

There are ideas in here that are SO simple that they will literally take you a minute to make (but still packed with protein).

Want to walk into your kitchen and come back out just 2 mins later with a delicious hot meal with 50g of protein? It’s no problem with Buff Baking!

Plus…Buff Baking uses only natural ingredients!

There are 3 sections of deliciousness in Buff Baking:

(1) Quickies: Recipes that take just a few minutes for when you’re in a hurry

(2) Protein-Packed Main Meals

(3) High Protein Sweets & Treats

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Recipes Like These…

Recipes Like These…


“Strong Man’s” Sausage Bake

Banana Protein Pancakes

Peanut Butter Cookies

Protein Ice Cream

No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Almost Zero-carb Pizza

Protein Chocolate Cake

“Popcorn” Chicken Bites

3-Ingredient Protein Bread

1-Minute Protein Dessert (amazing!)

Tex Mex Chicken

Chocolate Protein Squares

Mark’s “Swole Bowl”

…and many more. Mouth-watering, right?

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I couldn't click the 'Buy Now' button quick enough! Been waiting for this. Awesome work, buddy! ~ Jim Hill

"I just got it. This book is amazing!" ~ Shalaw Pasha Zada

Metric & Imperial Measurements

For the first time ever - a cook book that suits everyone! I have used both imperial and metric measurements to suit everyone the world over. So there'll be 'cups' and ounces for Americans, and grams and millilitres for the Europeans :)

About The Author

Hey, I'm Mark McManus :) I'm CEO of MuscleHack and a trainer to thousands (I also run a great little site called HappyHack). Bottom line is, I've bought so many protein cookbooks over the years and hated them all. So many weird, exotic, expensive ingredients that no-one has. And the recipes take way too long to make. So out of frustration, I made my own! All easy. All quick. All high protein. All simple ingredients. You'll love it! By the way, I'm a nerd so I list all the nutritional info for every single ingredient, not just the final recipe total. Enjoy Buff Baking!

How To Buy

Heck, just the homemade "Quest" bars will save you the price of this book in a few days! And that's just 1 simple recipe. You can bag all the recipes right now for just $27 USD (about £17.60). NOTE: Buff Baking is a digital ebook. You’ll be able to download the book immediately after payment ☺

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